Create apps and solutions across the Microsoft stack of technologies.

Come participate in the Microsoft Build 2016 Hackathon. This hackathon will incorporate multiple tiers of challenges by including various Microsoft technologies and APIs. We will have folks on hand from all of the product groups to assist you through your coding and the hackathon challenges.

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You must be attending the conference.


You will need a developer laptop with access to the Internet.

  • YouTube video of solution, under 5 minutes long
  • Link to working app
  • VC-style pitch to judges

How to enter

**UPDATE 2/8/2016

We are at capacity and will not longer be accepting registration for participation. 


This hackathon is free to register for anyone who is attending the Build 2016 conference. Just register through this DevPost hackathon site.


Hackathon Participants

Hackathon Participants

Judging Criteria

  • Web/Mobile App/Cloud Services Category
    Required: Azure on the backend Optional: - Azure App Service or AD or ML - ASP.NET - MS Graph - NodeJS  - Containers  - Cognitive Services - Bing API - Hosted Web App - Front End web development - Xamarin 
  • Windows Development
    Required: UWP Optional: - Adaptive Design - Hosted Web App (Westminster, HWA-CLI, ManifoldJS) - Office Add-ins  - Cortana - Ink - Identity - 3D Printing
  • Apps and Game Development
    Optional: - Unity - VS Tools for Unity - Apache Cordova using Visual Studio - Xamarin using Visual Studio - Hosted Web App (Visual Studio, HWA-CLI, ManifoldJS) - 3D Printing